Upcoming PeopleSoft Outage Notification

As of Monday, May 23, users will now see the following key changes: 

New Look & Feel

  • New color scheme
  • Favorites and Recently Visited pages can easily be accessed via icons on the left-hand side of the screen
  • Navigation Bar has breadcrumbs and can be sorted alphabetically
  • Enhanced search bar with modernized features such as:
    • Instant search results as you type
    • Recently visited pages ranked in real-time and appearing at the top of your search
    • No waiting for the search page to load - just make your selection right in the drop-down menu

image of search drop down in PeopleSoft


Longer Service Milestone notifications will now use the employee’s preferred name

If an employee has added their preferred name to PeopleSoft, then that name will appear on their milestone awards (and not their legal name). The text on the Employee Self Service Names page has been updated to note this change so that employees are aware how their preferred name is shared. 


New! Self Service Page - Employee Initiated Life Events

The new ‘Life Events’ tile (My Self Service tile > My Benefits > Life Events) allows benefit eligible employees to complete the benefit life event process online via self-service, without having to call the Benefits Office.  This is initially rolled out for marriage, domestic partnership, birth, and adoption life events.


After clicking on the new ‘Life Events’ tile under My Self Service/My Benefits, the employee is brought to a page where they enter the life event type and date.  After hitting the button for ‘Start Life Event’ the employee is brought to an activity guide similar to Onboarding and Open Enrollment.  Here the employee can create a new dependent, upload the required dependent documentation, and enter and submit their benefit election changes all online.

Life Events Tile in PeopleSoft

Initial Life Events Page where user selects event type + date

Life Event Activity Guide for Marriage